Trump praises candidates who embraced him

Trump praises candidates who embraced him

WASHINGTON (AP) –  President Donald Trump is praising candidates who embraced his insurance policies and rules through the midterm election, saying they “did very nicely.”

In a tweet Wednesday, Trump tells those candidates who prevented him to “say goodbye!” Trump campaigned repeatedly for Republican Senate and gubernatorial candidates in Missouri, West Virginia, North Dakota, Florida, Georgia and other states where he gained in 2016.

Several of these candidates gained their races Tuesday night time, whereas other contests remained too close to name. Trump says Tuesday’s “Huge Win” for Republicans was achieved “all underneath the strain of a Nasty and Hostile Media!”

But Tuesday did not deliver complete good news for Republicans; Democrats gained back management of the House. Trump is scheduled to “talk about our success within the Midterms!” at a White House information conference later Wednesday.

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