Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Is Better Than Anything Tom Clancy Ever Wrote

by Ned Lannamann


Who is Jack Ryan? No, really, I’m asking. The character, created by airport novelist and perennial dad favourite Tom Clancy, has been featured in dozens of novels, movies, and video games—and, now, a TV show on Amazon. He’s been portrayed by a assassin’s row of main males: Alec Baldwin in The Hunt for Pink October, Harrison Ford in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Hazard, Chris Pine in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and Ben Affleck in a single I’m not going to hassle wanting up. Now, in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, John Krasinski is the newest to tackle the mantle.

However who the heck is this guy? The various books and variations tell us that Ryan is a former Marine turned CIA operative who ultimately turns into president—but what are his identifying traits? His quirks? His likes and dislikes? Sherlock Holmes famously performed the violin, smoked a pipe, and injected cocaine into his veins; aside from a predilection for obtrusive at submarines, does Jack Ryan even have a character?

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