‘This one is a big deal’ US Attorney for Utah says of major drug trafficking bust


SALT LAKE CITY — Thirty-three Norteno road gang members in Utah are dealing with federal expenses for allegedly working intently with a Mexican drug cartel to distribute mass quantities of heroin and methamphetamine within the Salt Lake City space.

“This one is an enormous deal,” U.S. Lawyer for Utah John Huber stated whereas saying a federal grievance had been filed towards the group on Feb. 7, and was unsealed Wednesday.

A grievance is equal to a place holder, Huber stated, with a proper indictment to comply with, charging the 33 individuals with conspiracy to distribute meth and conspiracy to distribute heroin.

The fees are the end result of an investigation that started in June 2018. But local regulation enforcers say they have been dealing with a few of the individuals named in the grievance — notably the 2 leaders of the group — for greater than 20 years.

Joe Gomez, 31, who goes by the moniker “Norte Joe,” and Denny Duke Kandt, forty one, who goes by moniker “Casper,” are the alleged “kingpins” of the group, in response to prosecutors. Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera remembers arresting Kandt herself in the late ’90s when she was a member of the Metro Gang Unit.

“Although we have put them in jail, put them jail, there’s that revolving door, they usually still hold coming again. They by no means study their lesson,” the sheriff stated.

Huber stated the federal costs search to put an end to that revolving door, and may have a constructive impression on the group that “will probably be felt for years to return.”

“The tools that we usher in federal courtroom are swift and positive and we shut that revolving door that the state courtroom, too typically, these offenders face. They get out, they reoffend. They get out, they reoffend. We will sluggish that down huge time in this case. And if convicted, Norte Joe faces a few years in federal jail,” he stated. “This permits us to take out, at one time, over 30 individuals who we expect are liable for an enormous legal conspiracy.”

Brian Besser, head of the Drug Enforcement Administration in Utah, stated the 2 males have been “instantly plugged into” a few of the “upper degree” members of a Mexican drug cartel, and had created a “refined” business to distribute mass quantities of medicine.

The medicine, he stated, got here from the mountains in Sinaloa, Mexico, and have been then flown to Tijuana, Mexico, put on a tractor-trailer and driven throughout a legal port of entry into southern California, and then to Utah.

Besser and Huber stated it was a multimillion dollar enterprise, with Besser including, “This drug trafficking group is an all-you-can-eat crime buffet.” The stakes have been so excessive that the cartel despatched individuals to remain at Gomez’s home “to make sure that proceeds have been collected and turned over” to them, based on Huber.

“These individuals don’t play. They are not in it as a feel-good enterprise. They’re in it to earn money,” Besser stated.

As Besser explained, the medicine go north and the cash goes south. And when the cash…


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