In our opinion: Outlawing Down syndrome abortions sends a powerful message about the sanctity of life

A bill wending its method via the Utah Legislature that may outlaw abortions carried out solely because a mom does not need to give delivery to a toddler with Down syndrome might, as its detractors say, be troublesome to enforce — but the message it might ship is powerful.

If it turns into just a so-referred to as “message bill,” contemplate that it says the individuals of Utah see youngsters with Down syndrome as having the identical sacred worth as another human life.

Attempt as they could, the invoice’s opponents can’t escape the logic that a government that permits individuals to terminate a being pregnant as a result of they do not need to deliver a person with this syndrome into the world devalues all these dwelling with Down syndrome. Any time lives are devalued and simply discarded due to genetics, all of society becomes devalued.

Nor can they escape the inconvenient fact that letting individuals destroy a fetus because of a attainable imperfection (prenatal exams may give false positives) is a step toward engineering a human race that is someway superior. Iceland has even taken to boasting that, via abortions, it’s eradicating Down syndrome. Meanwhile, the few who carry such infants to term in such nations worry their youngsters shall be seen as outcasts.

Individuals with Down syndrome are successful. Some operate companies. Some are married and have youngsters of their very own. But all of them, no matter how they could measure up to trendy standards of success, contribute immeasurably to the great thing about the world.

It isn’t enough merely to say that folks ought to be urged to hold a toddler with an extra chromosome to full time period whereas retaining the best to do otherwise if they want. This can be a litmus check for the sanctity of life.

The invoice, HB166, was rigorously crafted to keep away from embroiling the state in an extended and expensive authorized struggle. Sponsored by Rep. Karianne Lisonbee, R-Clearfield, and co-sponsored by Sen. Curt Bramble, R-Provo, it will outlaw such abortions provided that a courtroom of binding authority guidelines that comparable laws in different states are constitutional. Indiana and Ohio already are defending lawsuits towards their versions.

Within the meantime, the invoice would require the Utah Division of Well being to offer a mother whose unborn child has been recognized with Down syndrome with contact info to Down syndrome associations or teams that provide help to such mother and father. Many mother and father feel devastated or nervous after receiving such a analysis. This may be an attempt to offer them a sensible and hopeful image of what lies forward.

Typically, such infants are born with critical coronary heart defects, but trendy medical procedures can right these. Extra research is required into methods to right issues and even reverse the condition utterly in utero.

Such lifesaving measures ought to be the main target of society’s efforts relating to Down syndrome, not preserving the power to terminate such a life.

Final yr, an identical bill handed the Home however failed…

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